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Welcome to the Neo Terror.
Let loose and fall into the electronic Symphony.
No Boundaries, No Restrictions.
Let’s attack the club-scene!

Cultural Underground Neo Terror: An Explosive Blend of Electro and Punk

The German music scene is experiencing an exciting revolution with the rise of Cultural Underground Neo Terror, we are an electro-punk band that is pushing the boundaries of musical genres. We create a fusion of electronic beats, distorted guitar riffs and powerful vocals, which create a fresh and energetic sound that captivates listeners.

Cultural Underground Neo Terror was formed in 2020 by a group of musicians from diverse backgrounds and influences.

Our goal from the beginning was to create a collective that artists and musicians can join for various performances. The result is an explosive combination of electronic beats from different genres and infectious melodies, and visual experiences that offer listeners a new musical experience.

Our debut, „Bitchkrieg,“ was released in July 2023. 
We are ready to connect music and art, and create a community for new artists.
People of electronic genres, punk, or just music that breaks new ground are invited to join us an eye on Cultural Underground Neo Terror.
For more information, interviews or press inquiries, please contact:

Cultural Underground Neo Terror Management
Contact person: Ingrid Vhalea


Live 2023

The Next attack will be at Pi32 in Hannover Langenhagen
at the Fetish Zoo Halloween Ball.


See You There! 

Live 2022

Our first attack will be at Wave Gothic Treffen 2022.
02.03.2022 at Agra Hall Leipzig, Germany

See You There!